My Winter Wonderland

Growing up, having the perfect dress for holiday and family gatherings was always fraught with so much planning and forethought. The Plus Bus has been so instrumental in changing how I think about events and gatherings. Knowing I will be able to find a really unique and well-fitting garment is such a comfort during these high stress times!

I tried to style the winter shoot to be a mix of high and low. High comfort and low maintenance. I want you to be the star of every event you attend but also, we need to be able to eat, drink, and merry make, or it’s a no go! Ashlee and Ashanna were so wonderful to style in sequins, fringe and satins.  We had a glorious rich and warm sunset to light our frames and we made use of all the wonderful little spots on York Blvd.  Our neighbors, the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre, local murals and even Town Pizza played supporting roles for our beautiful main characters! 

If you haven’t ever been into the physical boutique space, or you can’t get to Los Angeles any time soon, I hope this photo set can give you a peek into our little corner of the world. We love connecting online too and really encourage you to curate an online community that makes you feel good and one you don’t have to change your body to belong to. We will inevitably be in more social situations that are steeped in diet culture around the holidays so building up an online community of peers can be so helpful in navigating these conversations that come up with family and friends.

Feeling like you belong to a bigger community can help you advocate for yourself in situations that might have made you feel uncomfortable or powerless in the past. 

Winter is a time to reflect and plan for the year ahead, everyone at The Plus Bus is just rooting for you to have the happiest holidays you can, and maybe, just maybe, we can be a small part of encouraging you to become that vision of yourself that you’ve always wanted…one outfit at a time. Happy holidays-and the happiest new year ever! Thank you so much for making our year merry and bright!