What's New at The Plus Bus?

  • Scrappy Do!

    These discarded materials and the footprint of what “used to be,'' is stamped in these clothes because the very fibers are recycled dreams given to me or found at The Plus Bus due to damages or because they were worn too much.

    I love that I made something beautiful with something that had been discounted by others.

  • Rock ‘n’ Representation

    This opportunity to create the perfect fat girl group was one that I relished in. I found so much inspiration in the badass rock ‘n’ rollers who have come before me to question the boundaries of what it means to be a rock ‘n’ roll group, what it means to go against the flow, and what it means to have the confidence to stand up for what you believe in and what you dream of being. Seeing these bad ass women rocking out in amazing costumes and taking up space that hasn’t typically been shown as a place for fat bodies is revolutionary in and of itself. 
  • Our Winter Closet Staples ❄️

    Though the weather is wacky in Los Angeles, we’re officially knee-deep in winter, and we here at The Plus Bus couldn’t be more excited for the cost...
  • Looking back on The Main Character Maskerade Ball 😍

    For the past year and a half, we at The Plus Bus were sorely missing our fat community. We’d gotten a little beachin’ in a few times this summer, b...